Rebar Detailing – Future, Current Updates

High quality and a trustworthy detailer/detailing company are very important to progress in your career in detail. Tekla is the most advanced BIM software for rebar detailing and reinforced concrete construction and management. Modeling rebar in Tekla is easy, intuitive but most of all exceptionally accurate. In a world asking for faster, more durable, and efficiently constructed buildings, it is essential to reinforce these structures appropriately with consideration to constructibility, efficiency, safety, and environmental concerns. 

All reinforcement is shown in a single 3D model when using 3D design tools. Due to the visual nature of the 3D model, the reinforcements are displayed in their full geometries instead of only showing confusing and overlapping lines. When the site work is prepared based on a new set of drawings that you did not receive and if the Rebar is fabricated based on your bar list. The problem starts. You need to fix the problem, whether you are right or wrong. Who cares if you are right and the client did not send you the latest drawings. So Please be vigilant about the structural drawings you are using for detailing. TEKLA Course in Kerala gives more details.

Our specialized 3D Rebar Detailing Services with LOD 400 help the contractor to visualize the structures for prefabrication and rebar placement on site. The ironworkers can simplify the task for the placement and it can reduce the cost of installation. We are providing our detailing services to all types of structures such as huge foundations, stadiums, elevated railway structures, bridges, school buildings, residential buildings, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, marine structures, auditoriums, hospitals, industrial buildings, parking garages, power plant, processing plant, chemical plant, refinery, wall, slab, stair, canopy, and superstructures.

The main advantages of Rebar Detailing Services are as below:

  • Detailing Services are used to avoid delays and waste of material.
  • Rebar Detailing Services showed the required anchors and laps details accurately.
  • It helps contractors in the production of the rebars.
  • Every rebar is detailed showing diameter, length, shape, and quantities in Rebar Detailing Drawings.
  • The placement of rebar in location and concrete cover is detailed in drawings.
  • It also provides bar bending schedules.

Why Does Concrete Rebar Reinforcement Require 3D BIM Modeling?

  • Cross-Disciplinary Environment– BIM allows the involvement of more than one discipline involved in the project. It is capable to combine Architecture, MEP, and structural design in one model.
  • One model for all– When we model the structural design, we only need one model to perform multi-disciplinary coordination and for structural detailing.
  • Customizable– BIM model is customizable and accessible for all the project teams.
  • Features of Revit– Revit is one of the best software for reinforced concrete modeling and detailing. It has tools and features to perform structural rebar detailing that is straight out of the box.

Before starting any detailing project, please prepare Project notes. Project notes are a summary of various items like Scope of work, Splicing details, Stock lengths, Special notes or instructions given in the structural drawings, sections to be used for detailing, and many things. If any of this information is not followed, then you end up correcting the drawing later. So project notes are where you list the vital information required to do the job and if that is double-checked, your drawing may not have blatant mistakes.