Tekla Structures 2016:Features

Tekla Structures 2016 has a new programme that, additionally to trying modern and clean, makes modeling easier and quicker. There are several efficiency improvements: for instance, you’ll be able to begin modeling by selecting a model from the list of recent models, and continue by creating your own custom tab. The icons are modern and recognizable, and you’ll be able to simply spot what you would like.


One always desires a trifle time to get used to a new programme. to form this transition easier, two things in Tekla Structures have remained primarily the same: Keyboard shortcuts and command names.
The re-creation additionally brings a singular improvement in to handling reference info from alternative projects: once a Tekla Structures user receives an IFC model, he will see what changes the opposite project parties have created to that. Reference handling and collaboration are easier, preventing style and detailing errors.
Tekla development worked has listened to the desires of the purchasers. for instance making and written material drawings is currently easier, a lot of flexible and reliable, and 2nd library offers ready-made details like bolts—you can simply decide details rather than drawing these. additionally, Tekla Structures 2016 leverages informed, easier cast in place concrete construction and sleek collaboration for structural engineers, and offers powerful tools and options for formed concrete and steel fabricators.