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Provides Structural Steel Detailing Services for the Construction and Engineering Industry. With specialized Engineers and Detailers who have successfully completed and delivered detailing projects to Fabricators all over the United States, UK and India including industrial, commercial and institutional and infrastructure projects.


Prominent Structural Solutions is a full service structural and miscellaneous steel detailing company offering a wide range of detailing and support services. We are experienced in providing detailing services for anchor bolt, embed steel, structural steel, miscellaneous. Our versatility gives us the ability to coordinate all aspects of your projects to ensure proper fit and erection. You should expect nothing less then a complete solution to all your detailing needs and it would be our honor to add your company to our growing list of loyal customers.

Our Structural Steel Detailing Services consist of preparing the complete and accurate fabrication drawings for all structural steel elements of the structural frame that are shown and sized in the Structural Design Drawings. These elements are essential to support the design loads and commonly include; columns, beams, girts, lintels, bracing, moment frames, and all connection and support paraphernalia. Also included are all erection plans, elevations, sections and details for the proper and safe installation of the structural steel.

The Prominent Structural solution’s Detailing team doing job by using the most advanced 3D structural steel detailing programs; Tekla Structures. These programs give us the ability to actual pre-construct the steel frame in a virtual 3D environment. This allows us to get an error free model. And our team is expert to do jobs as per client requirement like AISC,UK or Middle East standards.

Since the detail drawings are interactively tied to the model, this approach also gives us 100% connectivity of steel members. However, just like any other program, the quality of the output is only as good as the quality of the input. The real power of these programs is realized when we combine these tools with the extensive experience of our structural steel detailers.


  • Preparing accurate BID per contract drawings
  • Producing all kind of structural steel detailing work by using TEKLA software
  • Preparation of ABM model and ABM reports for material purchase by using TEKLA software
  • We can use US,UK, Canadian and Indian Standards
  • Production of error free assembly drawings with high quality
  • Well prepared Erection Drawings
  • Ability to supply Production Tracking Reports like ABM's, Shop Bolt Lists, Field Bolt Lists, Material Summary, Assembly part lists and Gather Sheets for convenience in the fabrication and erection process
  • Capability to provide CNC, KISS, DXF ,etc. for Material Management software systems, shop production line equipment
  • Drawings produced in Imperial or Metric measurement formats
  • Our team provides complete design and coordination necessary to complete the project with quality to save fabrication and erection costs to customers while incorporating safety requirements.
  • We help our clients grow and produce at a faster rate by consistently providing high quality drawings with less turnaround time in turn evolving ourselves by taking up exciting challenges.
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